Wolverine Leather Jacket

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Enjoy a 10% rebate on this awesome motorcycle leather jacket. Measure your sizes carefully according to the table below and allow some extra room for undergarments, 

Size Shoulder Chest Length sleeve
S 42cm(16.53inch) 98cm(38.58inch) 62cm(24.40inch) 61cm(24.01inch)
M 44cm(17.32inch) 102cm(40.15inch) 63cm(24.80inch) 62cm(24.40inch)
L 45cm(17.71inch) 106cm(41.73inch) 64cm(25.19inch) 63cm(24.80inch)
XL 46cm(18.12inch) 110cm(43.30inch) 65cm(25.59inch) 64cm(25.19inch)
XXL 47cm(18.50inch) 114cm(44.88inch) 66cm(25.98inch) 65cm(25.59inch)
3xl 48cm(18.89inch) 118cm(46.45inch) 67cm(26.37inch) 66cm(25.98inch)
4XL 50CM(19.68inch) 122cm(48.03inch) 68cm(26.77inch) 67cm(26.37inch)