12V 5400mAh Battery Jump Starter

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A portable, and lightweight, jump start power pack weighing in at a fraction below 1 pound (440 grams). Easy to stow in your motorcycle saddlebag for long journeys or to keep it in your car as a handy aid. 

This product features a USB port that can be used to charge other electronic devices like smart phones and cameras.  A very handy piece of equipment to stay connected to the Internet for extended periods. 

This product sport a light that comes in very handy in the dark that helps with breakdowns at night.      

The battery jump-start power pack specifications are listed below; 

Battery Capacity(mAh): 5000-8000
Peak Current: 400 A
Conversion Rate: >90%
Number Of Built-in Batteries: 2
External Testing Certification: CE
External Testing Certification: CCC
Voltage: 12V
Item Weight: 440g
Special Features: Warning Light
Special Features: Lighting
Special Features: USB